Zomato Sends Great Khali A Unique And Quirky Birthday Cake – See Post

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Online food delivery app Zomato has often tempted its users to order delectable dishes and make them ditch the kitchen work for the day. But this time, the team gave us a surprise on their Instagram page. Zomato got a “very special” chance when it delivered a birthday cake to Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali. The photos uploaded on the social media platform show the wrestler blowing the candle on his birthday cake. The glazed vanilla cake looks delicious with cream and chocolate decorations. However, what caught our eyes was the red icing on top.

The icing wished a happy birthday to Khali in one of the brand’s signature quirky styles. It read, “Sir, phoonk maar ke pura duniya ka birthday mana do (Sir, just blow out the candle and celebrate the whole world’s birthday).”

That’s just a way to celebrate the wrestler’s physical strength. In their caption, the team wrote, “Got a chance to deliver a very special birthday cake today.” We suppose the cake was special and unique for Khali as well.

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Users were quite amused by the icing on the cake and the caption. One user wrote, “Legendary” and added laughing emojis. Another user wrote, “Sir, phoonk maar ke sabke ghar ek slice bhi bhijwa do (Sir, blow out the candle and send a slice to every home).” A third comment, on the same strain, read, “Sir, phook maar ke kuch coupon codes generate kardo (Sir, blow out the candle and help generate some coupon codes)!”

We don’t know if Great Khali can help us get some discount coupons, but this post surely made us crave for some yummy vanilla cake. If you want too are slurping, then make a delicious vanilla cake at your home. Check out this easy recipe here.

Meanwhile, Zomato keeps its game rolling with interesting food posts. Earlier, it made us crack up with its rendition of the half-heart trend. When someone makes the shape of half heart, the trend says you go and complete that half with your hand. But this team decided to just slap the hand, give it a biscuit and a cup of tea to enjoy.

Watch the video here:

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That’s quite a good mix of fun and food, isn’t it?

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