Zomato Asks People To Name Indian Dish They Wished Had No Calories; Aussie Journalist Responds

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Indian cuisines include a variety of vegetables and spices for strong immunity and nutrients the human body needs to take care of the trillions of cells it possesses. Yet, Indian dishes are also known to be super spicy and full of calories. So when food delivery service provider Zomato asked food connoisseurs to name one food item they wished had no calories, a number of people came up with their wish list. Among them was Australian sports journalist Chloe-Amanda Bailey, who wanted ‘Chole Bhature’ to be free of calories.

It’s not the first time Bailey has shared her love for the amazingly delicious chole bhature. She previously posted a photograph in which she was seen savouring the Indian dish in Australia during the Indian team’s tour for a cricket tournament in March this year.

Many Twitter users commented on Bailey’s preference for low-calorie chole bhature and urged her to try another Indian delicacy – pav bhaji.

A quintessential North Indian dish, chole bhature is relished by one and all. From chef-author Nigella Lawson to US Vice President Kamala Harris, and from actor-producer Mindy Kaling to TV show host Padma Lakshmi, many well-known people have expressed their love for the cuisine.

A favourite street food item, chole bhature is puffed up bread served with flavoured chickpeas curry. A Punjabi delicacy, it has got a tantalising mix of earthy Indian spices, laced well with boiled chickpeas in a hearty mix of tomatoes and onions. In Delhi, there are multiple locations where you can enjoy this food.

On Zomato’s Twitter post, several others shared their favourite food items which they wished had no calories. Many sided with Bailey’s chole bhature.

While others wanted jalebis and biryanis to have less or no calories.

What food do you wish had no calorie? Do let us know in the comments below.

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