Zach Roloff: Hmm … Maybe I Should Buy the Family Farm!

zach roloff wife on air

As it turns out, Zach Roloff was serious last year.

On a previous Little People, Big World episodes, which aired in October 2020, the father of two told his parents that he was open to taking over his family’s farm in Oregon.

Mother Amy was taken aback by the claim.

“It was definitely a surprise,” she admitted on air.

“I didn’t know he was thinking about that. I know Jeremy has been thinking about it for quite some time.

“It suddenly changes how [ex-husband] Matt and I look at this property.”

The former spouses — who split in 2015 after over 25 years of marriage and who have continued to work together for years — have clashed themselves over the future of the farm on the last couple seasons of this TLC realiity show.

Playing with Jackson

Amy sold most of her stake in the property to her ex last summer and has since moved to a home about 15 minutes away.

Might she star in a spinoff someday? 

Perhaps, according to a certain celebrity gossip website at least.

But Little People, Big World returns with new episodes on May 11 and a brand new sneak peek makes it evident that Zach has a ton going on these days … yet may be willing to take on even more. 

Jackson on a Scooter

How so?

People Magazine has posted  an early look at the upcoming premiere.

In the footage, we see Zach, his wife Tori Roloff, and their two kids — son Jackson, 3, and daughter Lilah, who turns 2 in November — and learn how they “had a pretty busy summer as a family,” according to Tori.

And also a stressful one, given the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tori and Zach Roloff Confess

“Being parents of a toddler and an infant definitely has its challenges,” explains Tori.

“Two kids on different schedules, different eating schedules, napping schedules.

“They both want your full attention. But it’s fun.”

Roloff Family Portrait

Cut to a shot of Jackson on his scooter, and then to Zach, Tori Lilah and their dog sitting outside and touching on the topic of the couple raising their children on the Roloff family farm.

While Tori notes that Jackson wouldn’t be able to scooter around on the farm like he does in their neighborhood, Zach is confident that the toddler could pull it off.

“In front of the house, the pavement there,” he says, going on to tell Tori that they could simply pave all of it like it used to be.

“We could do that again. That could be one of our enhancements.”

Tori and Zach Roloff on Xmas

As things stand these days, Matt is running and living on the farm.

He’s considered retirement, though; he’s talked about moving to Arizona with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

“My dad owns the property by himself and I think he’s been enjoying kind of having the place to himself as well.

“And my mom’s settling into her new house,” Zach says in a confessional.

Zach Roloff Finale Pic

Continues Zach in this clip:

“My mom and dad still co-own the north side of the property, but if I know my dad, he’s got his wheels turning about what happens next.”

The same goes for this twin, apparently.

Pumpkin Season Time!!

“When my mom moved off the farm, I put my hat in the ring to possibly buy her out on the north side,” he tells viewers.

“We’ve tabled the discussion for now, though, because our long-term farm employee … decided to rent out the house for a few months.”

As for how Tori feels?

What does she want to happen down the line?

Tori and Zach for TLC

“Zach and I have been talking a lot about what it would be like to raise our kids on the farm,” she adds.

“However, I don’t think I’m comfortable with Jackson getting a 4-wheeler at 4 years old,” which is something pushed for by Zach, who teases:

“I’m okay at [age] 5.”

Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday, May 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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