‘Youngsters failed to recognise film’s message of peer pressure’ says Valimai director, H. Vinoth


Valimai, Ajith Kumar’s latest Tamil film, is having a dream run at the box office, grossing over Rs150 crore. The film’s director, H. Vinoth, collaborated with Ajith for the second time with Valimai. H Vinoth recently commented on the film’s resounding success, but he also stated that he believes the film’s message has gone unnoticed by the younger generation. Valimai, he added, is about how the system and society rate people based on particular criteria such as their profession and achievement.

Valimai, which depicts the narrative of an honest detective pursuing a motorbike criminal gang that uses unemployed youngsters to commit crimes including theft, murder, and drug trafficking, offers a message about the pressures society places on today’s children, according to Vinoth.

He stated, “Valimai isn’t exactly what one section of the audience perceives it to be– the youngsters. The film is packed with a strong message of peer pressure and social challenges that the youth has been going through in modern society. Similar to women empowerment, this is another relevant topic.”

The director stated that if young people can not find a suitable career, society would punish them since the system encourages them to want money and status. Valimai’s primary point to the audience, he added, was about how young boys who struggle to acquire food and a house for themselves waste time sleeping and eating when they finally have what they desire. Vinoth stated that, similar to how women are appraised in society, young people are judged on criteria like achievement, employment, and money, but that the message in the film was not recognised by the youth. 

He explained, “While some are able to achieve it, some aren’t. At a point in time, they are pressured by their parents and relatives– comparisons are drawn. They end up taking the wrong path and resort to drugs and alcoholism. Without promoting alcoholism or drug abuse, the story of Valimai has discussed things about youths, who are misled and end up being rebels. Moreover, such a story has struck a chord with women and family audiences. Youngsters have failed to recognise the story’s potential and the message it has for them.”

Valimai H. Vinoth

Valimai was directed by Boney Kapoor and featured Huma Qureshi and Karthikeya in pivotal roles. It was also released in Telugu and Kannada, in addition to the original Tamil version.

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