Yami Gautam reveals why she posted unedited pictures on social media


Yami Gautam is definitely a stunner. The actress has been a mainstay on the “most beautiful lists” since she starred in a commercial long ago and she also shares pictures of herself in various outfits on social media. Recently, the actress decided to post unedited pictures of herself on social media. While it may seem like a small step, it is indeed a big one considering that most actors photoshop the hell out of themselves before posting a picture on Instagram or Twitter. In an interview with ETimes, Yami opened up about her decision to go the un-airbrushed route.

“You just have to allow yourself to be free… that’s the whole idea. The perspective that I would have 5-10 years back could be different from what I have now. And there is always a correct time to do certain things and it is just about listening to yourself and realising that you need to decide what makes you feel happy, good, and comfortable. Expressing that made me feel really good. The fact that I read all the comments on that post and I thought I connected with so many girls and boys. People commented, ‘My boyfriend/ husband thinks that actresses have such flawless skin and why can’t you have’ or ‘this whole pressure of trying to look like you guys but this post made us feel you are also a human’. I felt such a breather of relief,” she said.

Yami Gautam

“You don’t realise sometimes that everything has a tendency to have an impact in some way and if it is a good one then it feels great. I wanted to do this for a long time but of course, we’ve chosen to be a part of an industry where our physical appearance or your vanity plays a pivotal role, especially when you are an actress. Everything is tied up, it is not like ‘aapkimarzihai, aapmanabhikarsaktehoyeh ad’ but it is not that easy,” she added.

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