Winter fashion: 5 suggestions to layer clothes like a pro this season

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Winters are synonymous with fashion: chunky boots, cosy jackets and plaids, there is no better season to put your best fashion foot forward.

However, balancing style with sensibility might get a little difficult sometimes. With trendy outfits and lots of inspiration, how do you ensure that you keep warm throughout this season? If you’re looking for inspiration to ‘layer’, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve curated a few ways in which you’ll be able to fight off the chilly temperatures, with the perfect amount of style!

Check out the suggestions here:


Wear your scarves with aplomb! (Representative photo/Pexels)

Woolen, chunky, pashmina or silk: a good scarf is a make-or-break for a winter outfit! In vogue since time immemorial, scarves are one of the most utilitarian additions to your wardrobe, which will not only keep you warm, but provide a contrast, and complement the rest of your outfit. Silk scarves were a surprising hit for winter fashion in 2021, with the trend possibly continuing into 2022. Cashmere is also one of the most popular materials for scarves due to its soft and delicate texture. Pair your favourite scarves with jeans, overcoats, trenches and dresses this winter!

Tights or stockings

tights-pexels Tights are here to stay. (Representative photo/Pexels)

A fashion favourite, tights are still trending and for all good reasons. Winter fashion is all about combining style with comfort — nobody wants to sweat through layers of clothing only to be chilly when you take a layer off. The perfect way to turn your summer dresses into winter-appropriate wear is to pair them with tights: sheer, printed, bright neon colours or the classic black, they will keep you cosy while amping up your outfit at the same time.

Puffer jackets

puffer-jackets-pexel Puffer jackets are the perfect way to beat the cold. (Representative photo/Pexels)

Puffer jackets are perhaps the best bet for people looking for fuss-free winter fashion. Lightweight, versatile and incredibly comfortable, they will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe. However, in 2021, they were re-invented with new silhouettes and materials to make them even more conducive to winter fashion. Keep in mind that they’ll keep you very cosy so pair it with a lightweight inner-wear.

Blanket dressing

blanket-dressing-pexels Have you tried this trend yet?(Representative photo/Pexels)

A roaring trend in 2021 and definitely a spill-over to 2022 fashion conversation, the term ‘blanket dressing’ is now synonymous with big, oversized winterwear. Think cosy woollen throws, perhaps cashmere as well, draped by stylish connoisseurs to brave the cold. Robe ties as well as high necked sweaters are usually paired with these outfits to provide an extra layer of snugness.

Classic blazers

blazer-pexels Pair your blazers with dresses, tops, trousers etc. (Representative photo/Pexels)

A surefire way to keep you warm and toasty, a blazer is a timeless piece for winter layering. Perfect for transitioning from work to glam, blazers offer the unique potential of being dressed up or down. Pair your favourite with a short dress, tights, warm boots for the cutest little date night outfit. The material of the blazer can range from wool, wool-blends, corduroy, denim etc!

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