Will you try transparent heels like Priyanka Chopra?

Global icon Priyanka Chopra loves to experiment with her style and undoubtedly she is one of the most glamorous celebrities internationally. The 36-year-old actress never fails to impress us with her fashion choices. Be it her red carpet moments or her airport looks, PeeCee leaves no stone unturned to make a sartorial statement.

She loves to try new trends and hardly repeats her looks. However, there is one trend she loves to flaunt again and again. Yes, PeeCee has a never-ending love affair with transparent heels and loves to wear new designs repeatedly. From her street-style looks to big events, she has flaunted this trend a lot of times.

For Meghan Markle’s wedding, the actress took the PVC shoe trend to the next level. She paired her lavender coloured outfit with clear Jimmy Choo heels, which were adorned with an asymmetrical line in crystal embellishments.

FotoJet - 2019-06-12T184046.518

For an event in New York, she wore a tweed yellow suit by Chanel. What caught our attention were the PVC boots which had white soles and heels.

FotoJet - 2019-06-12T184153.359

Here’s a look at all the other times she wore clear heels:

FotoJet - 2019-06-12T184320.097

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