Will Omicron prove to be the end of COVID-19 pandemic?


According to top experts, COVID’s Omicron variant is “almost unstoppable” and will eventually affect a large population, even with the booster doses in play.

However, given that the new variant primarily impacts the upper respiratory tract and does not cause major damage to the lungs, many believe that the disease is mild and that it does not demand any intensive care.

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In light of such discoveries, Dr Monica Gandhi, infectious diseases expert of California University believes that if things continue as they are, that Omicron will help end the pandemic. As per a Bloomberg report, Dr Gandhi states, “The virus is always going to be with us, but my hope is this variant causes so much immunity that it will quell the pandemic.”

The expert further adds that unless a more infectious variant emerges, the Omicron could turn the pandemic into an endemic.

An endemic would mean that the disease would not be of much concern and people will learn to cope and deal with it.

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