Wife Pranks Husband With Hyper Realistic Cake; His Reaction Is Too Good To Miss

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A few unique food trends have taken over the internet, and we are not complaining. Although some of it may be bizarre beyond belief, most of the food content is engaging and keeps us coming for more. From the frothy and delicious Dalgona coffee to the evergreen banana bread, we would be lying if we said that we didn’t try our hands on these trending foods at least once. The hyper real cakes were one of the many food trends that we saw emerge in 2020 and it has only gotten better with time. In 2021, chefs and bakers around the world have taken their skills a notch higher and have presented us with unfathomable cakes that look like household objects, delivery boxes, and even human beings!

Continuing with the trend, a lady has managed to prank her husband with a hyperplastic cake that has an uncanny similarity with a plate of chicken wings. The video was uploaded on Instagram by the wife, Kristy Sarah, and the cake has been made by a Texas baker by the name ‘Sarah Ono Jones’. The video instantly went viral and has received over 4 million views in just 2 days.

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The chicken wings look perfectly coated with sauce and are presented with celery and a dip besides it. It didn’t take the husband a lot of time to realize he has been pranked. His hysterical reaction is too good to miss; take a look here:

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The funny video has left viewers in splits; they could not contain their amusement seeing his hilarious reactions. Some of the comments left on the video are “Omg he is so funny…y’all are awesome”, “This dude is supposed to be a cartoon character” and “Genuinely y’all are my favourite couple on social media the love is real and y’all are funny as hell”.

‘”Girl this ain’t celery!” I just laughed so hard Omg I love you!’, “That I’m hungry at the end”, “LMAO, I’m sorry but we would have been fighting if you play with my food when I’m hungry”, and “I’m ready to fight on his behalf” were some other comments left on the video.

“This man is traumatized every day”, “Not me laughing like Desmond over here”, “Lololol the way he bit the celery expecting a crunch” and “I just died laughing lol I can’t stop watching this lol” were some other funny comments left on the video.

Kristy even asked her viewers what food she should prank her husband with next, to which many replied with burgers and rice bowls.

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