Why Preity Zinta is One of the BRAVEST Actresses in Bollywood – Blast from the Past


​In the year 2000, Preity entered the industry with a very controversial film Kundan Shah’s Kya Kehna which had her playing an unwed mother.The film got delayed Preity was first seen in Mani Rathnam’s Dil Se where she shocked the nation and made Shah Rukh blush by asking him if he was a virgin.
In 2001 she played a prostitute who turns a  surrogate mother to Salman Khan’s child in Abbas-Mustan’s Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.In 2003 she stunned the nation by testifying against the underworld in court. No other Bollywood denizen male or female dared to do the same.

In 2005 Preity filed a defamation suit against a Mumbai tabloid for publishing a transcript of a tape allegedly featuring the voice of Salman Khan speaking in less than respectful tones about her.In 2007 Suchitra Krishnamoorthy accused  Preity of being the cause of her marriage with Shekhar Kapoor breaking up. Preity retaliated by calling Suchitra “unstable”.
In 2008 Preity  bought the Kings  X1 IPL  cricket team and decided to focus more on building her cricket team than her acting career. In 2014, Preity sued former boyfriend Ness Wadia for alleged molestation at  the  Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai  on   May 30.

I don’t know what really happened between Preity and Mr Wadia at the cricket match. A lot of tension had been brewing because of her insistence on carrying on with her position  as a co-owner of the IPL.

Said a friend of the actress, “A lot of Ness’ friends within the Kings X1 Punjab team presumed she would exit from her business partnership  with Ness once their relationship ended. But Preity was very clear on this matter. Relationship apni jegah, Business apni jegah. She was  in this(IPL) for keeps.”

In  an interview to me Preity had said, “I am not going to deny there are dark moment when I feel, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ But on the whole the IPL experience has been very fulfilling and I’ve never been seriously tempted to question my place  in it. I only wish people who are part of the IPL would take their responsibilities seriously. Finally it’s not the players  but the team owner who has to face the uncomfortable questions on the raison d’etre  of the IPL.”

  Those who thought she   was   doing his for publicity or money don’t know her. At one  point, Kamal Amrohi’s son wanted to adopt her. He had offered to write off all his ancestral property to her. She had refused. Her logic, ‘Why should I be treated like someone else’s daughter? Shaandar Amrohi is not my father. I had a father. I don’t need another.’ Preity won’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to her.
Speaking to me some years ago Preity had said , “These last few years have made me stronger . I feel I am  far more experienced now as a human being than I was three years ago.We actors lead very cocooned lives.I think being only actor limited my world-view. We go to the studios do our shots and come back home.As an entrepreneur ,a cricket team owner and a producer I’ve had rigorous exposure to the world outside the film studio. Today I feel I am in touch with many more realities both within myself and in the outside world.Yeah, I think I’m stronger.”

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