Why Kadhi should be a part of our summer diet


According to her post, appetite drops during summer and the heat can take a toll on the skin and the gut. The abdomen feels cramped, constipation & gas become frequent and even periods get painful. In such cases, consuming Kadhi is helpful as it is rich in nutrients that help soothe the digestive system and also helps control dehydration.

In summer loss of appetite means diminishing vitamin B12 and the best way to improve that is to consume food items like dahi, which is good for the stomach and skin as well. In the early days, our dadi and nani used to make it more nutritious by adding pulses like besan and tempering it with spices and curry leaves and that’s how Kadhi became the ultimate savior for the summer heat. It is best consumed with rice and turns out to be a perfect combo of pre + pro-biotic and with a complete amino acid profile. (Image: istock)

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