Why is Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal’s love story so unique?

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Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly or Sajal Raza Mir as she calls herself now, make an absolutely beautiful and adorable on and off screen couple.

The duo, who began dating each other after their drama, Yakeen Ka Safar, happen to be Pakistan’s favorite celebrity couple today. The duo’s fans have also give them a beautiful name, Sahad.

Ahad and Sajal appeared together in Yakeen Ka Safar and the couple became an instant hit. The duo, then became inseparable, their chemistry sizzling and setting the screen on fire. One drama after another and one advertisement after another, you could see Ahad and Sajal everywhere and yet it wouldn’t be enough. They looked so cute together, we couldn’t get enough of the two.

However, nobody knew that Ahad and Sajal didn’t really date each other in the literal sense of the word. In fact, in a very recent interview, Sajal’s sister Saboor revealed how, Ahad had approached Sajal with a formal proposal through his family and talked to her father directly.

The couple got married in March in Abu Dhabi. Their wedding, although a very simple affair was a memorable one. From the pictures that Sajal and Ahad have shared on their social media, their union was indeed a fairytale wedding, however, minus all the pomp and glory the world has become used to when it comes to celebrity weddings.

As loving as the two are, what we love about Sahad is the fact that you don’t find them overly affectionate in public. Yes we spotted them together a number of times, but you didn’t see any public display of affection with Sajal and Ahad. The two maintained a dignified presence in the eye of the media and publicly, which given the circumstances today, is really hard to find. And which, definitely increased Sahad’s respect in our eyes. Here’s to the gorgeous couple and their coming years of togetherness.

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