Which Milk Type is Best For Weight Loss?


We Indians can give up all sources of food if that can help shed some kilos, but would never compromise on giving up milk for anything, unless we are either lactose intolerant or are off milk for ethical reasons such as veganism or for fear of pesticides and antibiotics making their way through animal milk in our body. Indian diet is incomplete without doodh, dahi, paneer, and the list is endless. While most of us need our daily dose of milk, some people also give up on milk because they might be allergic to dairy products, but other the above-mentioned factors, there’s no reason to eliminate milk from our diet because it comes loaded with nutrients that are highly beneficial for the body, including calcium, healthy fats, vitamins, and protein. Apart from providing the body with amazing nutrients, milk can also help you drop some weight. Just like eggs, “milk” too is considered to be a wholesome food source because it packs so many nutrients together. In this post, we would list down different type of milk sources and the best ones that help with weight loss.

Nutritional Breakdown of Milk:

Most milk sources that come from animals such as cow, buffalo, goat, etc. come loaded with these ingredients:

  • Calcium.
  • Protein
  • Healthy fats.
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

Benefits of Drinking Milk:

Difference Between Full Fat, Skimmed, Toned Milk, and Low Fat Milk:

When you go to buy milk in the market, they are available in various varieties and labeled as “full fat, skimmed, toned, and low fat.” If one is health conscious and concerned about the nutritive value attached to each label, it would be prudent to find out what each variety means. Mainly, milk types are categorized based on their fat content.

1. Full Fat Milk/Whole Milk: It’s milk in its purest form because the fat content has not been altered and contains 3.25% of healthy fats.

2. Skimmed Milk: The idea of making milk “skimmed” by getting down fat content of the milk to as low as 0.5% can be attributed to previous studies which linked saturated fat to heart disease; however, there is no concrete evidence of any such link. On the contrary, saturated fat increases your “good” cholesterol levels (HDL) and helps in converting bad cholesterol (LDL) from small particles to larger ones which are less harmful.

3. Toned Milk: This kind of a milk is made by diluting whole buffalo milk with water and skimmed milk to reduce its fat content to about 3%. The method to produce toned milk was developed in India to improve the nutritional level of full-cream buffalo milk. Just like cow’s milk, toned milk is rich in protein, calcium, and B vitamins; however, full-cream buffalo milk is rich in saturated fat compared to cow’s milk. Toned milk, which has both cow and buffalo milk, has a fat content of about 3%, much lower than whole buffalo milk.

4. Double-Toned Milk: Total fat content is reduced to just about 1.5% with non-fat solid value raised to 9%, and it can be considered low-fat milk.

5. Low-Fat Milk: As obvious, this variety has the fat content reduced to just about 1% to 2% of fat.

How Full-Fat Milk Helps with Weight Loss?

For decades now, we have been made to believe that all “fats” are bad and can make you obese, raise cholesterol levels, lead to stroke and heart disease, and cause a lot of other disorders in the body, but in reality, “fat” has been made the villain through wrong research results. In fact, to lose weight and to lead a healthy life in general, you should consume the recommended intake of “good fat.” In fact, keto diet, which advocates low-carb-high-fat formula actually is based that a high-fat diet makes the body into a fat-burning machine where stored fat is used to fuel the body. Through research, it has been established that women who consumed low fat-yogurt had gained more weight in comparison with women who ate moderate amount of full-fat yogurt. In the same way, whole fat milk is much better than skimmed milk or low-fat milk if you are thinking about weight loss. Good fats help the body absorb essential vitamins which are all needed for good health and weight loss in general. Fat is needed to help build cellular membranes and in the production of hormones. If there is an imbalance in hormones, disorders such as PCOD and hypothyroidism will make it much more difficult to lose weight,

How Calcium in Milk can Help with Weight Loss:

There’s a lot of research to back the theory that calcium which is an essential mineral which helps in bone and teeth formation, assists in muscle strength, can help in weight loss in more than one ways. Belly fat or visceral fat is a result of bad dietary choices, high-calorie diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, and also due to lack of sleep. Belly fat can also increase one’s risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure. It helps you burn more fat stored in the body. Prevents your body from storing fat.
Makes you feel fuller for longer. Within the body cells, if there is adequate calcium, that cell will burn more fat. Adequate calcium in the body increases breakdown of fat in the bloodstream and preserves thermogenesis, accelerating the weight loss process. It also promotes thermogenesis by converting a portion of dietary calories to heat instead of storing it as body fat. When the calcium levels are low, the body tends to make more fat cells. That’s a lot of research to show calcium helps burn fat. Diets that are high in calcium are associated with reduced rates of being obese. If one takes the recommended daily intake of calcium, there are less chances of that person developing belly fat. Calcium also suppresses appetite, lowering hunger sensations by 12%. Calcium intake also helps with weight reduction. Interestingly, when there is calcium deficiency, the body produces higher levels of calcitriol which is a hormone that leads to production of fat cells. Adequate calcium lowers calcitriol levels, leading to breakdown of fat, lesser production of fat cells, helping you slim down. Calcium also decreases production of fatty acid synthase, which is an enzyme that accelerates the creation of fatty acids.

Best Milk Types for Weight Loss:

1. Cow’s Milk: It’s the most healthy beverage in the world and a “complete food” by all standards because of the amazing nutrients it provides to the body. There’s healthy fat content along with protein, calcium, magnesium levels – each of which contribute to healthy weight loss. Gulping down a single glass of milk would keep you full for long without reaching out for unhealthy snacks frequently. Cow’s milk also improves metabolism and helps in burning extra calories. Give up on cow’s milk only if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products in general.

2. Oat milk: It’s a non-dairy source of milk and excellent for people who do not like milk from animal sources. Oat milk has soluble fiber in it which has a glue-like consistency when combined with water, keeps you full for longer, and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Oat milk also regulates blood sugar without causing sharp insulin spikes and helps in lowering cholesterol level.

3. Almond Milk: This type of milk is made from almonds and it has amazing health benefits. It’s much lower in calories and carbs compared to cow’s milk, and a good option for someone on a keto diet. Almond milk helps strengthen immune system, strengthen muscles, reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also rich in protein, healthy fat, vitamin E, thiamine, magnesium, and other B vitamins.

4. Coconut Milk: This milk is excellent for weight loss with its healthy fat content. It is rich in antioxidants, keeps heart healthy, and amazing anti-ageing benefits. It makes skin smooth and hair shiny, but most importantly, MCT or medium chain triglycerides, in coconut milk make it a star weight loss ingredient. This milk is also rich in protein, iron, magnesium and trace minerals like selenium, copper, and manganese.

5. Soy Milk: Though soy milk is a healthy alternative for someone with lactose intolerance or dairy allergy, women with hormonal imbalances like PCOD or thyroid should consult their doctor before consuming soy milk on a regular basis. Soy milk aids weight loss, regulates blood pressure, supplies nutrients like fiber, protein, and also fat.

Hope this article added more weight to that glass of milk in your hand ?

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