What the doctor who sounded off COVID’s Omicron variant wants us to know


In light of the current crisis, vaccinations play a very important role in not only curbing the spread, but also eliminating chances of severe illness. While breakthrough infections are a possibility and those infected may even develop a severe infection, the chances are very rare, as per experts.

As of now, COVID vaccines are the silver bullet and not getting them is only putting ourselves and our loved ones in more danger than ever. The WHO suggests that the Omicron variant is likely to spread internationally, which is why it has also urged countries to accelerate vaccine administration.

Apart from that, wearing masks, avoiding highly crowded areas and maintaining social distancing is absolutely key.

On the government front, health officials need to expand surveillance, facilitate multiple COVID testing centres and initiate COVID-appropriate restrictions. Currently, many countries have imposed travel bans in the wake of the Omicron outbreak. India, on the other hand, has not imposed any travel ban for flights from the affected region. The Union Ministry has however urged the states to take proper measures.

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