What PM Narendra Modi Said On Allegations Of Misuse Of Probe Agencies During Polls

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PM Modi said the government does not interfere in the working of probe agencies. (File)

New Delhi:

Rejecting Opposition allegations of government misusing probe agencies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that elections keep taking place in the country and these agencies work according to their norms.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said corruption is adversely affecting the country and action by probe agencies in such cases adds to the national treasury for which the government should be lauded.

He also said the government does not interfere in the working of probe agencies.

Hitting back at opposition parties who have in the past linked action by probe agencies with elections, he said these parties should agree for simultaneous polls and will then stop complaining.

“Corruption in India is affecting the country like termites. Haven’t people raised their voices against such people from time to time? If I do not do anything, will the people forgive me? Wherever the government gets information (about corruption), should it not take steps? And after this, if billions and trillions of rupees are coming to the treasury of the country, then I should be praised,” the said PM Modi.

“Also, elections keep taking place in India, so should the government stop working? Decide for once that there will be an election once in five years and everyone will contest it together. All the states and the Centre will go for elections at the same time and we will save money. Then, you will never see ED or CBI,” he added.

Referring to probe agencies, he said that they are government organisations and work according to their norms.

“If there are elections in between, what can they do? They follow their timetable. Whenever they get information, they follow it up. The government does not have any role in it,” he said.

The prime minister also laid thrust on regional development and said no part of the country should lag behind.

“A nation like India where the social system is diversified if we manipulate social justice, then it will harm the country. For this reason, the person from even from the most marginalized section of the society should get the opportunity for development. Just like social justice in society, the country cannot develop if any part lags behind. We should have holistic and inclusive development. There should be development for all,” he said.

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