What is Soapstone Cookware and why you should cook your daily meals in it


According to experts, soapstone cookware cannot be used immediately. Sandhya Iyer, who has been using this cookware for a decade says, “It takes 15-30 days to make it usable.” Traditionally, to make it usable, the cookware is first greased with oil and turmeric powder in and out and then rice starch is added to it, and then it is boiled for a minimum of 10 days for a few hours daily to make it perfect for cooking purposes. This process changes the weight of the vessel and it’s a sign that the cookware is ready to use. In modern space, you can do it using an oven too. To begin with, you need to wash the cookware in hot water and then wipe it with a cotton cloth. Next, generously grease it with olive oil and allow it to be absorbed for the next 24 hours. Next, place it in an oven and set the temperature at 350 degrees. Turn the oven off after 15 minutes and allow it to cool. (Image: istock)

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