Weight loss: The best time to run for maximum gains

While most people prefer running early in the morning, there are many who run at night. There are also some who find it easy to run during the midday. But is there any ideal time to run? Read on to know more.

Research suggests that you get the most benefits from exercising when your body’s temperature is at its highest. And as per studies, our body’s temperature is highest between 4 pm to 5 pm and even 7 pm. People also tend to feel more relaxed at this time, which allows their lungs and muscles to function at their optimal best.

Though there are many claims that afternoon is the best time to run, several studies say that the time that works for you is the best time.

Why running in the afternoon is better?
The temperature of your body is lowest in the morning, but running in the morning is said to keep you focused and motivated. Morning is the time when your body’s temperature is at its lowest and you are depleted of your energy, which makes it not the perfect time for exercising. It is also the most common time of the day for strokes and heart attacks.

Running in the morning might not give you the best results but keeps you focused throughout the day.

Why running during lunchtime is beneficial?
Lunchtime is that time of the day when your body has sufficient amount of reserved energy stores. By running during lunchtime, you become more productive during that time period.


Having said that, what matters most is the time that is convenient for you and when you feel the most comfortable. So, it’s better to go for a run at any time of the day rather than just skipping it.

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