Weight loss story: “I stopped eating white rice, maida and oily foods, lost 20 kilos”


Earlier I used to have lots of white rice, maida, oily food, ghee, butter, salt, spices, sugar etc., but I have eliminated all of them completely. I only have whole grains, veggies and lean meat. Portion control is key. I had my last meal before 8 pm and I made sure it was light.

Lessons learnt from weight loss: Do your research well. One size does not fit all. One person will say eggs are bad, others will say it’s healthy. So make your choices through well planned research. I also realised that one doesn’t need lots of food. It’s a typical Indian misconception that you need tons of rice, chapatis and curries followed by desserts. Portion control, calorie deficit and eating right is the key.

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