Weight loss story: “I finished my dinner by 7 pm everyday and lost 27 kilos!”


My breakfast: Greek yoghurt, oatmeal (made in low-fat milk) and a cup of coffee a while later.

My lunch: Egg white omelette, 1 Chapati or whole grain bread with some fruits

My dinner: Baked chicken, steamed veggies, soup (chicken or veg)

Pre-workout meal: I generally avoid eating anything before a workout but I grab a fruit (apple or banana) if required

Post-workout meal: Lots of water 🙂

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days):

I don’t believe in skipping food or devoiding myself. I eat anything I am craving for, however, watch my portion size. For example, if it’s a pizza, I ensure I just have a single slice.

My workout: I used to exercise religiously and followed a set of aerobic and bodyweight exercises, which included:

1. Running (outdoors and treadmill)

2. Tennis (I usually play 3 times a week for about 90 minutes each day)

3. Crunches

4. Planks

5. Push-ups

6. Pull-ups

7. Bi-cycles

8. Squats

9. Air jacks

10. Jumping jacks

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Egg white omelette is healthy and at the same time it tastes delicious!

Fitness secrets I unveiled: Abs are made in the kitchen they say. It does not matter how much exercise you do every day (even million crunches) but if you eat junk then you will never get results. Apart from this, you also need to stay hydrated, get proper sleep and cut down on your stress levels.

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