Weight Loss: Low-Calorie Stuffed Capsicum To Keep Your Diet Goals Intact

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When we are following a weight loss diet, we are often left confused about what to eat. We certainly want to keep a check on the numbers of the scale but feel equally guilty if we indulge in things that everyone else enjoys. The internet is not a lot of help too, all weight loss friendly recipes seem to call for ingredients that are not locally found in our markets or are usually on the pricier side. We understand this struggle and are always on the lookout for recipes that can help you with your weight loss journey while being easy and delicious at the same time.

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And this time, we landed on one such recipe by the YouTube Channel ‘Magic in my food’ which has helped solve a lot of our healthy snack cravings. It is made with locally found vegetables, doesn’t require you to whip out the fancy chef’s hat, and the best thing is that it can be prepared in a matter of minutes, – Stuffed Capsicum

Different colour bell peppers, taste different too. Red and yellow are sweeter than green ones.

This stuffed capsicum can be prepared as the healthier, low cal version of the ones that you already know of. The hot and sweet flavours of the capsicum along with the juicy stuffing makes this dish versatile as a snack or to be eaten with roti or rice. Let’s not keep you waiting for a longer time, read the recipe here:

Weight loss: How to make stuffed capsicum /Stuffed Capsicum recipe:

You can use green, yellow, red capsicums or go with whatever is available in your hands. Cut the capsicum in half and let it sit for a while. For the stuffing take onions, pumpkin, eggplants, black-eyed peas and cook it with the regular masalas until everything is mashed well together. Another great part about this recipe is that you can customize the vegetables for anything that you like, you may add broccoli, beetroot, sweet potato, the possibilities are endless.

Now you can either lightly sauté the capsicums in a pan or bake them in the oven. Fill the capsicums with the stuffing, you can garnish with cheese if you like, and you are done.

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The mixed flavours of the dish make it a truly unique recipe which you can surely enjoy with your friends and family too. Watch the full video here:

Let us know what the different vegetables are that you can use for the stuffing, and how you liked this recipe in the comments below.

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