Watch: Viral Cool Hack To Eat Food While Wearing Mask Impressed The Netizens

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Hack video to eat without removing mask went viral.


  • A model posted video of a hack to eat food without removing mask.
  • The funny video went viral on the internet.
  • Watch the viral video to see how she did it.

What is the foremost safety measure suggested to prevent Coronavirus? Wearing a mask – we all know that and are diligently following it too. But, when we are out of home running errands or doing important work for long hours, we are bound to get hungry at some time and will have to remove our mask to eat. Or, maybe not! A British model – Emma Louise Connolly – came up with an ingenious hack to eat without having to remove the mask, and the funny video is going viral for all the right reasons.

Emma Louise Connolly shared a video on Instagram in which she is seen sitting in a car and eating with her masks on. How? She wore two simple surgical masks, one covering her nose and upper part of the mouth, and another covering the lower part of the mouth. So, when she opened her mouth, the two masks gave way for the food to go in the mouth through the gap. What made the video funny is the way the masks opened like a huge mouth.
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way (sic),” Emma Louise Connolly captioned the hilarious video.

Watch the viral Instagram video –

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This viral hack video so far got more than 3 lakh views and more than 2000 comments. Some followers were just amused while some were genuinely impressed. Comments like “Genius babe”, “Promise just to eat the meal though” and “Car snacks” flooded the post.

Many viewers tagged their family and friends to spread the new-found gyan around, and wrote comments like “We’d need this”. What do you think of this trick- useful?

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