Watch: This No-Oven Maggi Pizza Brings Together The Best Of Both Worlds

dnsehcug maggi
Maggi, our favourite “two-minute noodle”, has been part of our meals for decades. It is ingrained in our lives thanks to our memories associated with it. Some of us have fond memories of our grandparents’ house where our grandmas would allow us to have Maggi every day, while others have sweet memories of college life, of the times when the hostel food was not palpable and it was our favourite Maggi that came to save us from hunger. The love for Maggi has Indianized this instant noodle so much that many people have mistaken it to be an Indian invention. However, the fact is that like its proprietor Nestle, Maggi is from Switzerland. It was founded in 1884, almost two centuries ago by the Swiss entrepreneur Julius Maggi. His goal was to make a meal that is delicious, nutritious and accessible to busy, working-class families. Now, his product is enjoyed by all classes of society, from the richest people of the country to people like you and me.

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