Watch: Red Panda Getting His Treat From Puzzle Feeder Is Too Cute To Handle

Red panda is a native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern ChinaiStock

Scrolling our social media handles, we find a pool of contents that keep us hooked on the platforms for hours. We absolutely enjoy such varied content. While some are informative, others remain just for entertainment purpose. One such instance is cute animal videos. We find adorable viral videos of animals on social media every now and then that simply melt our heart. We recently came across a short video clip on Twitter where a red panda is seen playing with his puzzle feeder. For the unversed, a puzzle feeder is a specially made bowl to hold animal food; one has to manipulate it in different ways to get the food. In a puzzle feeder, meals not only last longer but also work as a brainteaser for the animals.

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The video was shared by USA’s The Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute on their official Twitter handle. In the video, we could see the panda putting all his energy to find the food in the puzzle feeder. It spins the feeder, twists it and finally takes the grapes out of it.

Alongside the 53-second video, National Zoo wrote, “Red panda Chris-Anne is playing with one of her favourite puzzle feeders! She has to use some problem solving, brainpower and energy to move the treat from the puzzle feeder to her belly. She chases, spins and twists the feeder until she gets her grapes!”

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The video has garnered almost 7k views since the time it was published. People also commented on the video and stated, “She is so pretty!!” Another Twitter user wrote, “Red pandas are awesome!” A third comment read, “She thinking about how she can break out too?”

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