Watch: Rapper Cardi B Cracking Eggs Like A Serial Killer Has Puzzled Twitter

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Cooking eggs is said to be one of the most basic skills for any individual. The simple process of just cracking eggs open and whipping up delightful dishes with it is something that most people are familiar with. However, one extremely weird version of cracking eggs has puzzled the internet. Twitter users were left appalled to see American rapper Cardi B cracking an egg ‘like a serial killer’ and adding it to a bowl. The video was shared on Twitter recently and is from Cardi B’s Instagram highlights section. Take a look:

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Although the video was from June 2020, it has resurfaced again and gone viral. The clip was shared on Twitter by multiple accounts and has received over 648k views and 7.2k likes. “Cardi is a serial killer. Why she crack this egg like this,” questioned the user in the tweet.

Cardi B’s video was from her Instagram highlights section called ‘Hair Day’. In a series of videos, the American rapper had shown the process of preparing a hair mask with mashed avocado, mayonnaise, honey a few essential oils, and eggs. She said that she used this mask for herself and her daughter to keep their hair smooth and shiny.

“Guys wish me luck cracking this egg,” she said in the background of the video. She tapped the egg a few times on her wooden table in order to create a crack in it. However, due to her long acrylic nails, she was unable to normally crack split it open and instead ended up squeezing it like a lemon to ooze out all the liquid from it.

Twitter users couldn’t help but express their confusion after seeing the video. Even after all of the efforts by Cardi B, an eggshell ended up inside the bowl of hair mask. Several users also expressed concern about the hygiene involved.

Take a look at the funniest Twitter reactions here:

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