Watch: Post Kacha Badam Rises Another Jingle Created By A Guava Seller That Has Gone Viral

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f you have not heard of the ‘kacha badam’ song, then you must be living under a rock. This viral song had taken the country by storm, with millions of Indian streaming, dancing and singing to this catchy tune! But do you know how it came into existence? ‘Kacha badam’ song was created by Bhuban Badyakar, a street vendor from West Bengal trying to sell peanuts. The song was his personal marketing strategy to promote his business on the streets. But this took a huge turn when his song went viral on the internet and got remixed into the song we know today! Now that the ‘kacha badam’ craze is settling down, another song has been causing a buzz on the internet, that too created by a guava seller! Take a look:

A 27-second video showing a man selling guavas using a unique jingle was first shared on YouTube and now has gone massively viral across other platforms. It reminded many of Bhuban Badyakar, creator of the ‘Kacha Badam’ song.

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“Yeh hari hari, kachchi kachhi, peeli peeli, paki paki, meethi meethi, gaddar gaddar, taaza taaza, namak laga ke khaja khaja,” sings the guava seller as he packs some guavas. This video has been circulating on the internet has been re-published by various platforms, but nobody is able to find the source behind the original or identify the man singing this song! While the origin of the song is still a mystery, one can’t help but listen again and again to the guava-seller’s tunes.

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The two songs are very similar; people can’t help but compare the jingles! Just like the ‘kacha badam’ song, even this guava-seller seems to be using his original song to market the fruit and help bring in more customers.

What do you think about this song? Do you think this song is bound to get its own remix, just like ‘kacha badam’? If yes, who do you think should make the remix? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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