Watch: Low-Calorie Healthy Vegetarian Recipes For You To Lose Weight

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  • Eating certain foods can help you lose weight naturally
  • Give your day a healthy start with this low-calorie strawberry smoothie
  • Lead an active lifestyle by eating healthy

Well, most working people (read: desk workers), mothers, homemakers have a recurring dream to have a flat tummy and stay in shape. The thought of burning the layers and layers of belly fat can be a nightmare for many. Hitting gym or doing yoga seems impossible too with the hectic daily schedules we have. Therefore, giving up on having a flat tummy or envious abs seems like an easy way out. There is no denying that regular exercise or physical workout may help us achieve our weight loss goals, but also what you eat on daily basis plays a pivotal role in your weight loss journey. Health practitioners and dietitians across the world recommend exercising and following a healthy diet regularly, which helps a lot to lose some extra kilos. However, eating certain foods (rich in protein and fibre and low in calories) combined with regular exercise can speed up the weight loss programme. We are not asking you to change your diet completely or remove certain foods from your diet, but perhaps tweak them a little to make them healthier and weight loss friendly.

Here are a few healthy weight loss friendly recipes shared by Mumbai-based food YouTuber, Ananya Banerjee on her channel ‘Chef Ananya Banerjee’:

Weight Loss Friendly Low-Calorie Strawberry Smoothie:

Give your day a healthy kick-start with this low-calorie strawberry smoothie. High in fibre and protein, this smoothie is a healthy mix of ingredients like oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds and banana. And fret not about the sugar content, Chef Ananya has used jaggery and honey to keep the smoothie low in calories yet healthy. Other than that, she has added yogurt and milk to the smoothie to make it more satiating and rich in nutrients.

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Weight Loss Friendly Fibre-Rich Ragi Rava Dhokla

Cravings to eat something chatpata or savoury are so real and unpredictable. Instead of indulging in your guilty pleasures by eating piping hot samosa or aloo ke pakoda and regretting it later, try something healthy yet delicious like ragi rava dhokla. A perfect breakfast dish for the ones who are looking to lose a few kilos, ragi rava dhokla is prepared using ragi flour, sooji, yogurt, fruit salt, mustard and sesame seeds, and grated coconut – all of which are healthy and can be easily added to any weight loss diet.

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Weight Loss Friendly Pulao Recipe

Pulao is one of the most commonly prepared rice dishes in Indian households. Be it party, birthday, surprise guest visits, or any other special occasions, pulao is the first thing we think of making – it doesn’t take long to prepare plus looks fancy. However, rice pulao can be little fattening and calorie-dense, as it is made of white rice and cooked in oil. Instead, try this jowar pulao recipe, which has all the healthy ingredients like jowar, mixed vegetables – carrots, beans, peas and cauliflower, ginger and garlic, coriander leaves, and cashews and raisins.

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We understand that it is never easy when you have to change your diet to lose weight. But, make up your mind, read some motivational weight loss quotes, and lead an active lifestyle by eating healthy.

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