Watch: How To Make Walnut Halwa : This 4-Ingredient Nutty Delight Screams Comfort

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Think Indian desserts, one of the first dishes that come to our mind is halwa. This creamy delight is an Indian classic and works as a crowd pleaser every single time. Besides, halwa holds a constant position in every festive spread throughout the year. And what fascinates us the most is the versatility in halwa recipe. If you explore, you will find halwa playing a significant role in defining the food culture of the region – each of which is prepared with unique ingredients. That’s not all. Halwa recipe changes with season too. Take lauki halwa and gajar ka halwa for instance. While the former is prepared during the summers, gajar ka halwa makes for a winter delicacy.

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While exploring the variety of halwa, we came across a recipe that left a strong impression on our mind and palate. It’s walnut (akhrot) halwa. As the name suggests, it is a creamy mix of walnut and milk, cooked to perfection, with some saffron and cardamom infused to enrich the flavours. However, you may avoid including saffron and cardamom in the recipe and customise it as per your taste – keeping walnut and milk constant.

Sounds delicious right? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get hold of some walnuts and milk and prepare this nutty delight to enjoy a delicious dessert at home. Take a look at the recipe.

How To Make Walnut Halwa | Akhrot Halwa Recipe:

  •  Add walnuts in a bowl and add milk to it.
  •  Soak for 30-40 minutes.
  •  Grind the soaked walnuts to make a paste.
  •  Add ghee in a pan and let it melt.
  •  Add the walnut paste and fry till the colour changes.
  •  Add milk and saffron and cook until the milk reduces.
  •  Add sugar and cook.
  • Add cardamom powder and cook until the milk dries up.

Garnish with some almond flakes and serve.Yes, this recipe is as easy as it sounds. Prepare it today and relish. And do let us know how you liked it.

Watch the recipe video in the header section. And for more such unique halwa recipes, click here.

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