Watch: How To Make Onion-Mushroom Soup For Your Daily Vitamin D Fix (Recipe Video)

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  • Soup is known to provide us every essential nutrient
  • Mushroom is a potent source of vitamin D
  • Mushroom is low in calorie that makes this soup ideal for the dieters

Soup defines comfort and there’s no two ways about it. A warm bowl of soup not only soothes our soul to the core but also satiates our hunger in the busiest or the laziest of the days. What adds to its fame is the pool of health benefits accredited to a bowl of soup. Made with different veg and non-vegetarian ingredients, soup is known to provide us every essential nutrient our body needs for healthy living. And during the winter season, it also keeps us warm and help promote immunity. One such delicious option is mushroom soup. It is light, comforting and loaded with vitamins, protein, minerals and antioxidants.

Health Benefits Of Mushroom Soup:

Mushroom is a potent source of vitamin D that plays a major role in strengthening bones and teeth, promoting cell growth, managing diabetes and boosting immunity. For the unversed, adding adequate amount of vitamin D to your diet is of utmost important in the present scenario. Several studies have found vitamin D deficiency in a number of Coronavirus patients that may further lead to severities and deaths.

Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has pointed out that people with diabetes are at severe risk of Covid-19 infection. Experts are stressing upon inclusion of vitamin D and other healthy nutrients in your daily diet to manage blood sugar levels. Hence, mushroom soup can be a healthy option to include in a diabetic-friendly diet.

Mushroom is low in calorie that also makes this soup ideal for the dieters who are trying to manage weight.

Onion-Mushroom Soup Recipe:

Considering all the above factors, we found a quick and simple onion-mushroom soup that can be a great addition to your winter diet. All you need for this recipe are some mushrooms, butter, onion, flour, milk and some herbs and spices. This delicious recipe has been shared by vlogger Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube Channel ‘The Saree Chef’. Let’s take a look!


Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Onion-Mushroom Soup:

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