Watch: Heres How You Can Make Restaurant-Style Chatpata Paneer At Home For Your Next Meal

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  • Paneer is a versatile food that you can use across culinary experiments
  • You can relish it from snack to dinner and even desserts
  • Here is a delicious paneer recipe you can try at home

Paneer, or cottage cheese, enjoys a huge amount of fan following among many vegetarians around the world. If you are a vegetarian too, you would definitely know the pressure of all non-vegetarian friends pestering you to try meat. Some would boast about how protein-rich chicken or mutton is, while others would swoon over how utterly delicious it is. But just bring a platter of paneer tikkas or a bowl of rich paneer curry in front of them and watch them melt in minutes.

Succulent chunks of cottage cheese tossed in a juicy pool of spices can easily be a great crowd-pleaser for anyone, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Isn’t paneer tikka the first thing we all look for at Indian weddings? No wonder it is one of the most popular items at weddings and parties. Besides being rich with protein, paneer is one of the most versatile ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Just throw it with spices along with an onion-tomato masala for a luscious paneer curry or grill it over skewers for some succulent tikkas, paneer is always a hot! You can even make some interesting desserts out of it (think paneer jalebi, paneer malpua or paneer kheer). Paneer’s humble presence in a dish can take even the most mundane dish a notch higher.

If you are still wondering how else you can have paneer in your meals, here’s what you can do. Here’s a super easy and extremely delicious chatpata paneer recipe you can try at home for your next meal. In the recipe, small chunks of paneer are tossed in a mix of fried onion paste, curd, cream, kaju paste and a host of spices such as Kashmiri red chilli, coriander, kasoori methi, cumin, lemon and more. You can serve this tantalising chatpata paneer recipe with your choice of Indian bread or steamed rice.

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This is the perfect lunch or dinner recipe to prepare at home in no time. Here’s the recipe of flavourful chatpata paneer from NDTV Food’s YouTube channel. For more such amazing recipes, kitchen hacks and trivia, subscribe to NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

Watch: Chatpata Paneer To Try At Home

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