Watch: Chocolate Pulav Is The Latest Horrifying Food Combo That Is Rejected By The Internet

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There’s no denying the fact that everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate in almost any sweet recipe – cake, ice cream, barfi etc. – wins our heart. But adding chocolate  to classic savoury dishes? This is a bit too much! If the recent videos on the internet of chocolate Maggi, chocolate gol gappa and more, left you squirming, you may not be quite ready for this! Adding to a string of strange food combinations that crowded our feeds in past year or so, this video of chocolate pulav is too much to handle. If you can’t fathom it, imagine the plight of the person who ate it.

A video posted on Instagram handle ‘spoonsofmumbai’ shows a man sitting in a restaurant with a plate of white rice pulav waiting for him. He is then seen pouring a generous amount of chocolate sauce in swirling motion all over the pulav. He then mixes it up and takes a bite of it. His instant reaction after taking in the bite makes it amply clear how it tasted.

Watch the video here:

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Did you see how the man immediately jumps out his seat after tasting the chocolate pulav? It made us gross out too. And it did the same to almost everyone who watched it. The video was viewed more than 3 lakh times and got more than 3k likes. And most of the comments express their shock and disgust on such a creation. In fact, many of the viewers asked why the man would even try it out. Many people also tagged their friends and asked them if they would try it.

Would you dare to try something like this? Share your thought in the comments section below.

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