Want To Make Cake For Family In Lockdown? This Time Go Healthy With This Ragi Banana Cake

You must have noticed a surge in the use and consumption of not-so-common ancient whole grains like barley, ragi, jowar and amaranth in Indian cuisine. It all started with health experts recognising the immense health benefits that these grains bring to us. Our ancestors knew it and it was time for us to carry on the legacy of these wonder grains. Ragi has fast made inroads into our households with the promise of good health and good taste. You can easily replace regular flours like whole wheat flour (atta) and all-purpose flour (maida) and make healthier meals with the grain, maybe just to break the monotony of everyday flavours that we sometimes get bored of.

If you want to start using ragi in your kitchen and are looking for a no-fail recipe that won’t be rejected by your family, you don’t have to look any further. Just make a cake with ragi and you’ll be surprised how tasty it turns out to be. If you are not yet convinced, let us tell you that this cake also contains the mushiness of banana and a tinge of tanginess from curd. Raisins lend their crunch and sweetness to it and the addition of whole wheat flour and oats flour won’t startle your palate.

This ragi banana cake is super delicious but the main reason you should be making it is that it is healthy too. Besides the healthy flours used in the recipe, refined sugar is replaced by healthier coconut sugar or jaggery. Actually, feel free to use any healthier sweet alternative of your choice. Remember that banana and raisins will already be imparting some sweetness to this healthy and yummy cake.

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Ragi flour offers various health benefits. 

Ragi Banana Cake:

Click here for the recipe for healthy ragi banana cake.

Once you’ll make this cake, we are pretty sure you won’t go back to making the regular, unhealthy cakes that you’d been making till now.

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