Wait, What? McDonalds Thailand Is Offering Ice Cream Sundae With Chilli Paste And Pork

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains across the globe and there’s no denying to it. According to McDonald’s official website, it has more than 38,000 outlets in over 100 different countries across the seven continents. One of the main reasons behind the success is its availability in almost every nook and corner of the world. Besides, what adds on to the fame is the standardised menu. Visit any McDonald’s outlet across the globe you will get the same McChicken Burger and McFlurry everywhere. But that doesn’t stop the fast-food giant from experimentation. McDonald’s often come up with various unique recipes to satisfy the patrons from each country or region. For instance, McDonald’s India recently launched two new burgers – butter chicken burger and butter paneer burger – for all the customers in the North and East regions. Likewise, McDonald’s Thailand has come up with a new ice cream sundae, which we are sure you have never heard of!

According to a recent post on McDonald’s Thailand’s official Facebook page, they have come up with a limited-edition Thai-style ice cream sundae that includes spicy and savoury toppings of chilli paste and pork floss a soft serving of vanilla ice cream. Reportedly, this unique (read: bizarre) ice cream sundae will be available at outlets in Thailand by April 5, 2022. Check out the Facebook post:

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Webloid ChewBoom too shared this news on Twitter and in no time, people on the Internet started reacting to the news.

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“Oh Man! Bummer!” wrote one. Another Twitter user wrote, “No and No. Ice cream is not meant to taste like meat. Are they bored or what? A third person wrote, “Does not even sound good.”

However, some people seemed interested to try this unique ice cream sundae. “Would love to try it! Plus I am an ice cream nut!” a person wrote. A second person wrote, “Looks really yummy for my tummy! Please bring it to the USA!”

Would you want to give this unique ice cream sundae a try? Do let us know in the comments below.

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