Wait, What? Man Makes Fried Cheese For Breakfast; Video Leaves Internet Unhappy, Heres Why

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It is safe to assume that each one of us is obsessed with cheese! From stuffing it in our parathas to topping loads of it on pizza and pasta, the creamy and luscious texture of cheese has us hooked to a point of no return. It enjoys a raging fan base and there is no doubt about that. So, it naturally came as a shock when an Instagram page uploaded a video of a cheesy dish and it received more negative than positive comments. Want to know why? Well, the video in question was uploaded by @channelfoods and featured what looked like a cheesy breakfast made by frying a whole block of cheese! Yes, you read that absolutely right. The original dish is created by @gzfoodqood and has been uploaded by the former on their food page.

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The video uploaded by @channelfoods has received 546k views, 21.1k likes, and over 185 comments. In the video, the creator has taken a whole block of cheese, dipped in what looks like a flour batter, coated with crunchy cornflakes, and fried until crispy and golden. As he takes a bite into this cheese dish, it explodes while melting in his hands. Although, the idea of melting cheese gets many of us drooling, the sheer quantity of this fried cheese didn’t sit quite right with many viewers. But what enraged them more was the caption that the food page put along with the video, which read “Easy Breakfast recipe”. Look at the video here:

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Comments lined up one after the other about how hazardous to health the dish was; many pointed out that this was too much even for cheese fanatics. One comment read “I love cheese but this made me sick”, while the other read “Heart attack on a plate”, and another one read “Buddy tryna clog up an artery”.

Other similar comments read “No absolutely not”, “Heart Attack for breakfast, are you insane” and “Cholesterol- plugging up the system”

While the majority of the comment section was not in support of the dish, many pointed out that it might be better to cut the cheese into smaller chunks. A comment suggested “Looks good asf but needs to be a smaller chunk of cheese….just too much, and definitely not for breakfast”, other one read “That looks good tho. Make them small lol”

What are your thoughts on fried cheese? Would you consider giving this a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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