Wait? What?! Delhi Vendor Is Selling Veg Fish And Internet Is Extremely Confused

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Thanks to the internet, we have witnessed some weird and mind-blowing dishes that make a fusion of different foods. From kulhad pizza momos to dosa ice cream roll, certain food combinations have only gotten more confused lately. But that doesn’t mean these dishes don’t taste good, some of the experiments do turn out to be delicious. We have found another confusing yet delicious creation; this time on the streets of Delhi! An Instagram-based food blogger shared that a Delhi street vendor is selling something called veg fish. Yes, you heard it right, there exists a dish called veg fish and it is exactly what it sounds like. Take a look:

In the video, we get to see how this veg fish is prepared. Essentially the dish is prepared by using soya to create mock meat that is shaped like a fish. The mock meat shaped fish is dipped in a cornflour paste and then coated in corn flakes to give it a crispy and crunchy texture, similar to fish fry. The mock fish is then deep-fried and served with a variety of sauces and dips to enhance the flavour and make it tastier. The food blogger, @foodie_incarnate reviewed the fish for his viewers, and as a vegetarian who had never tried fish ever, he was all in praise of this delicacy. The video has garnered 328k views and 35k likes. If you are interested in trying out this you can find it at Khanna Tandoori Junction in East Delhi.

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The internet was confused to see a vegetarian dish being called fish, or vice-versa, a fish being called vegetarian. The concept of mock meats are still new therefore people were not so receptive to the idea of a vegetarian fish. Fish lovers were commenting how this dish couldn’t taste like fish and vegetarians were perturbed by the fish-like appearance of this dish.

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