Viral Video: This Ahmedabad Juice Shop Lets People Make Their Own Fruit Juices – Heres How

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Internet is loaded with different types of content – some of which are entertaining, while some help us gain knowledge about different things from across the world. How to organise pantry to easy ways to clean burnt pan, we find information on almost everything under the sun. Then there are easy hack videos that are innovative to the core. One such interesting video we recently came across is of a juice bar in Ahmedabad. It helps you enjoy a glass of fresh fruit juice while doing some cardio exercise. You ask us, how? The juice bar – named Greenobar – lets its customers make their own juices by paddling a cycle. Interesting, isn’t it?

Greenobar has juicer-blenders attached to the front of a cycle. And to get the juice, the customer has to paddle the cycle, which will create rotational motion that will operate the blender. In other words, the faster you cycle, the faster you get the juice ready. As per Greenobar’s bio on Instagram, it is the “first of a kind juice bar with zero wastage and complete focus on sustainability”.

In one of the recent posts of Greenobar, we could see a person cycling to make himself a fresh glass of watermelon juice. Appreciating his effort, the café posted, “Someone with full energy and one who has a big role to play in where we stand.”

Take a look at the post:

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