Viral Video: The Making Of Lucknows Special Malai Paan Has Left The Internet Amazed

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If there is one thing that all Indians can agree on, it is our mutually shared love for mithai. The mind-blowing variety that Indian dessert offers is so delicious that one can find something special for people of all kinds. The rich diversity in mithai comes from the culture of our country! Every state border we cross, we are introduced to a different language and different cuisine. Here we bring an extra special mithai from Lucknow that is creating buzz on the internet, and it is none other than malai paan.

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Also known as malai ki gilori or balai ki gilori, this special mithai screams indulgence! The video of how this decadent mithai is prepared has gone viral and it has 1.9 million views and 110k likes. The video was uploaded by Instagram-based food blogger @foodie_incarnate. Take a look:

They start by boiling the milk for about an hour to thicken the milk and remove the moisture content. Next, on an open coal-based fire, the milk is further slow-cooked in thick and flat pans for hours to create the thick and creamy malai. The malai is cut into diagonals. To make the paan, layers of cut malai pieces are shaped like a paan and filled with badam (almonds), pista (pistachio), kaju (cashew), elaichi (cardamom) and mishri (rock sugar). This special mithai is sold at INR 680 per kilogram and can be found at Ban-wali gali, Chowk Bazaar in Lucknow.

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Lucknow’s special malai paan has the outer layering of pure unsweetened malai and it is filled with a combination of dry fruits along mishri (rock sugar). The malai that is used to make malai paan is no ordinary malai, its thickness has been achieved after hours of processing. The creaminess of the malai is accentuated by the sweet dry fruits stuffing, giving a burst of mouth-watering flavours at once. People are in awe of how much time and patience is required to make this sweet delight!

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