Venkatesh says that Narappa is his most challenging role as yet


South biggie Venkatesh just had a release on Tuesday on an OTT platform – Narappa. The film is a remake of Tamil film Asuran (2019) which starred Dhanush. Venkatesh who stars in this remake has given it his all and even says that it is his most challenging role yet.

Venkatesh has worked at the movies for decades and yet he picks Narappa his most challenging one. Speaking to a daily he said that this was a character where he was required to prepare himself the most. Not only the body language even to get the emotions right, he made sure he puts in his all. He further adds that there were so many outdoor shoots that it left him drained by the end of the film’s shoot. “The shoot was so intense that there were days I’d go to the hotel room and still be in the costume just to stay in the zone,” says the actor.

Venkatesh Venkatesh Venkatesh

Narappa is loved by his fans and they are truly amazed by the actor’s performance. The Tamil film Asuran was equally a gritty drama for which Dhanush even won the National Award for Best Actor. This is Venkatesh’s first direct-to-digital release. Initially when the pandemic broke out, the makers down South were not ready to release their films digitally. However with the pandemic showing no signs of stopping, several makers have now realized the importance of the boom of OTT and are releasing their films on digital platforms. Right from Suriya, Dhanush to Venkatesh almost every actor has had a direct-to-digital release.

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