Vanessa Cobbs to Dimitri Snowden: You’re a Liar Who Needs Professional Help!

vanessa cobbs and dimitri snowden

And then there were three.

Over the past couple of Seeking Sister Wife seasons, a trio of women have been featured as potential long-term partner solutions for stars Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden.

All ended up extricating themselves from the household after just a short period of time.

And now all have gone on record with some heinous accusations against the aforementioned cast members.

If you’re a Seeking Sister Wife viewer, you’re likely aware that Christeline Petersen filed for a restraining order this year after an allegedly violent altercation with Dimitri, who has since asked for a divorce.

Peterson has essentiially gone into hiding with her daughter after leaving the Snowdens.

And after claiming that Dimitri used to choke her during sex.

“The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it,” Peterson told authorities .

Seeking Sister Wife Photo

Then there’s Ariadne Joseph.

Also a former lover of Dimitri’s, Joseph said this spring that she was inspired by Peterson’s courage to come forward — and also accused the Snowdens of manipulation and abuse.

Joseph has detailed the strict rules to which she was forced to adhere (nudity at all times while inside the house, being unable to leave the property on her own, etc.) and also told a blogger that Dimitri raped her.

“When you’re in a situation where you’re married… and you both have had consensual sex, it’s hard to reconcile in your mind that this person has violated you, has taken something from you without permission,” she explained.

“I knew that it was wrong, but I didn’t even know how I would go and report that as being, you know, [rape].”

Ashley and Dimtri Snowden Picture

Joseph has since called out TLC executives for ignoring her pleas to, at the minimum, remove the Snowdens from the air due to their abusive ways.

And now we arrive at Vanessa Cobbs.

During the Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 finale, Vanessa and Dimitri got engaged after a courtship that lasted a mere six months.

Not long afterward, they exchange vows in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Vanessa Cobbs and Dimitri Snowden Photo

In the tell-all episode that aired after the second season of Seeking Sister Wife, Vanessa explained, “I know people are gonna question my intentions.”

Via a lengthy statement made on her Instagram oage in May 2019, Vanessa proceeded to confirm speculation that she had lleft the Snowdens.

“After some deep soul searching, I have decided to part ways with the Snowdens,” Cobbs wrote.

She didn’t mention anything about assault or abuse at the time, but has seemingly confirmed Joseph and Peterson’s allegations in a new social media post.

cobbs note

First, she shared a meme that read:

An enabler who misuses their faith or spirituality to police and micromanager survivors of narcissistic predators.

They try to enforce and encourage premature fake forgives, spiritual bypassing of emotions, shame survivors for any valid anger they feel, and prevent the from holding abusers accountable.

They dishonor the true victims of crimes in favor of “loving” the abuser rand seeing the nonexistent “good” in them.

Dimitri Snowden in His Truck

Many observers would say this is an extremely apt (and very troubling) description of Dimitri Snowden, who has tried to allege that he’s a polygamist in order to empower women.

Added Cobbs as a caption to the meme above:

Enough. Stop lying to the world and to yourselves. Get help. There’s no shame in therapy.

As you can see, Cobbs does not mention Dimitri or Ashley by name here.

But… come on now. Based on all we’ve read about recently, and based on her meme, is there any doubt about whom Vanessa is talking?

Dimitri Snowden Snapshot

After professing her love for the Snowden family two years, Vanessa took the blame for her relationship not working out, revealing online:

“I was ignoring my inner guidance, which was telling me I do not belong with them in the capacity that they need me to.

“Sometimes their long-established dynamic is not aligned with your own personal growth and path forward.”

Seeking Sister Wife Poster

Dimitri also opened up about his separation from wife number-two on Instagram following the split.

“For now, I’m choosing to grieve,” Dimitri captioned a supposedly heartfelt statement in April 2019.

However, he also added that he and Ashley wished Vanessa “nothing by peace and happiness” as she worked on her own personal journey outside of the marriage.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on n Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC — and it’s pretty evident at this point that the Snowdens do not belong on it.

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