UP polls: ‘The police killed our son, but no-one believes us’

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Muhammad Raees was killed in India’s Uttar Pradesh state in 2019 and two years on, his family is still waiting for justice.

His father told the BBC in 2019 that Raees was shot by a policeman during protests against a contentious new citizenship law, but the police deny the accusation. They blame other protesters for his death.

The Muslim family’s wait for justice is in stark contrast to the Uttar Pradesh minister Yogi Adityanath’s claim that his stance on crime has made the state safer.

The BBC returned to Kanpur, where Raees’ died and his parents still live, to find out more as the state votes to elect a new government.

Video by Vikas Pandey, Anshul Verma and Aparna Alluri.

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