Types of Dumplings | Best Dumplings from all around the world


We all have some fond memories of dunking in those dumplings! Those hot, steamy, sweet and savoury dumplings always won our hearts with their lip-smacking taste and amazing soft and crunchy texture. Dumplings are one of the most loved delicacies around the world.

There’s a common myth that dumplings hail from Asia, but you will be amazed to see how there are several variants of dumplings across the world, which have been a part of their culinary legacy. From Poland to Italy to Asian countries, dumplings have turned out to be a staple food of many countries and with culinary innovations, the love for this scrumptious delight has encapsulated people to fall in love with it!

Dumplings are just a little dough ball filled with happiness, but for most of us these dumplings are no less than a nostalgia. So let’s recreate the nostalgia of good-old times and see how the world dives into the goodness of these hot steamy dumplings.

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