Type B Influenza on the rise

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COLOMBO (News 1st):- Ministry of Health said that around 100,403 dengue patients were reported last year. This has been the highest recorded in 2 years.

Director of the National Dengue Control Unit, Dr Anura Jayasekara said that the highest number of patients – a staggering 21, 567 were reported last November.

Speaking to News 1st, he said that since December, dengue has been showing a decreasing trend but that there is also an increasing trend visible in the Trincomalee and Batticaloa areas due to the North-East monsoon, while further adding that they have also organized many campaigns on national, provincial and district level.

The Ministry of Health states that 91 dengue-related deaths were reported last year. Meanwhile, News 1st inquired about the spread of an influenza in several parts of the country.

Senior Consultant Physician of the District General Hospital at Gampaha, Prof. Dr. Aruna Munasinghe commented about the Gampaha district.

“The type of influenza which we get these days is mainly is type B in the Gampaha district which is relatively harmless but I must say that it can bring some nasty effects on people who are extreme of age and who are having compromised immunity system. Other than that people will be cured on their own but you can have a secondary infection that is kind of pneumonia if you neglect it so you should not neglect it.”

What are the symptoms and what action should be taken in this regard?

The professor says that it usually occurs as a common cold which starts gradually. Symptoms like sore throat, severe body ache, dry cough, and high fever are mostly visible although some other people could possibly end up with mild symptoms as well.

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