Twitter may soon remove its 280 characters limit

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Microblogging site Twitter, which is quite popular among not only politicians, celebrities and other personalities, but also among the public when it comes to jotting down thoughts or to find out top trends and news.

As we know, Twitter users are currently restricted to posting tweets only up to 280 characters, which is most of the time a sufficient character limit.

However, MailOnline has cited a report suggesting that Twitter is planning to remove the 280-character limit and allow users to post lengthier Tweets.

The publication quoted news leake Jane Manchun Wong as claiming that Twitter may soon roll out a new feature “Twitter Articles”, which won’t restrict tweeps from posting longer than 280 characters.

Here is a screenshot, provided by Wong, of what the rumoured feature may look like.

You may also have a look at the range of potential uses of “Twitter Articles”, suggested by Wong.

Exclusive articles


In-app UX

On-platform conversation,

Syndicated articles (by news sites)

News-reading subscription model

Tweets were restricted to only 140 characters when Twitter was first introduced in 2006. The limit was doubled to 280 in 2018, allowing users to express themselves in a better way.

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