Tucker Carlson: Meghan Markle Is a Braindead Loser!

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If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the past month, then you’re probably aware of the current controversy involving Spotify and Joe Rogan.

Yes, because you have to pick a side on literally on every aspect of life in 2022, the app you use to listen to music is now a subject of non-stop political debate.

We’re starting to think this whole internet thing was a mistake.

Anyway, just about everyone has an opinion on this situation, but some opinions matter more than others.

For example, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry signed a $25 million deal with Spotify shortly after they moved to the States, so the streaming giant might actually give a crap what they have to say.

Or not.

As we reported earlier, Meghan and Harry have thus far failed to deliver any content — unless you count a teaser episode for their podcast that was released way back in December of 2020.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: A Photo

Now, a spokesperson for the Sussexes’ Archewell brand has issued a statement indicating that the Duke and Duchess might choose to cut ties with Spotify if the streamer fails to take steps to prevent Rogan from spreading what they feel is dangerous misinformation.

“Last April, our co-founders began expressing concerns to our partners at Spotify about the all too real consequences of Covid-19 misinformation on its platform,” an Archewell spokesperson said in a statement issued this week.

“We have continued to express our concerns to Spotify to ensure changes to its platform are made to help address this public health crisis.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on a Bench

There are very few public figures in the world who enjoy as much global clout as Harry and Meghan.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of sway when it comes to Spotify.

After all, it’s hard to threaten to withhold work when you’ve already been withholding work.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as Royals

We’re sure Meghan and Harry were just showing their solidarity with artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who have had their music removed from Spotify.

Unfortunately, several of the most bloodthirsty vultures at Fox News recognized the Sussexes’ vulnerability in this situation, and they quickly swooped in to pick the bones clean.

“These two grifters have a $25 million deal with Spotify for essentially no work,” noted dumbass Tucker Carlson said on his show last night.

Tucker Meghan

“So far, we believe they have produced just over 30 minutes of content,” Carlson continued.

“That means these two have been paid about a million dollars for each minute of talking they’ve done. That’s a good gig. It’s too good to leave.”

For once, Carlson is factually accurate in his trash talk.

Whispering to Meghan

And it should come as no surprise that Tucke’s low-rated lackey Greg Gutfeld was eager to jump in on and talk some unoriginal trash of his own.

“They’re a bunch of deadbeats,” Gutfeld chimed in.

Not really living up to his title as “the funny one” there, but hey — they can’t all be gems!


Judge Jeanine Pirro took it from there, blasting Harry and Meghan as “pathetic” and “irrelevant” and adding:

“In America, nobody cares what you think.”

Unfortunately, Harry and Meghan opened themselves up for this sort of criticism when they sounded off on the Spotify issue.

Markle and Prince Harry

And Harry didn’t make things much better this week when he opened up about experiencing “burnout” while participating in an event for the mental health organization BetterUp.

“#PrinceHarry lives in one hell of a #Privileged bubble,” one person tweeted in response to Harry’s remarks.

“He gets paid millions at some #woke company and moans about worker burnout. But he is grateful his “personal coaches” help him see life clearly. He is so out of touch it’s painful.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Outta There

“I still haven’t figured out what #PrinceHarry was getting burnout from,” another person wrote.

“Tone deaf Prince Harry suffering #burnout is just another example of celebrities thinking their lives are anything like ours. Don’t give them a platform,” a third person chimed in.

Unfortunately, Harry sort of has to take the L here.

Prince Harry in a Nice Suit

We’re sure that as a dad to two young kids, he does experience occasional burnout.

But as a literal freakin’ prince, he doesn’t really get to complain about feeling overworked.

Just like how he and Meghan — as two folks who receive a crazy amount of money from Spotify without having to do anything — don’t really get to sound off on the Spotify situation!

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