Try This Protein-Packed Paneer Kadhi Recipe For A Wholesome And Comforting Meal

In India, you will hardly find a person who has not been introduced to kadhi. In fact, it is a staple in most Indian households. Kadhi is light on the stomach, follows a fuss-free recipe and can be whipped up in just a few minutes. In other words, kadhi defines ‘comfort’ for all, especially during the summers. Kadhi recipe sees different variations in different regions and households, but two ingredients that remain constant in every recipe are yogurt and besan. While yogurt helps cool down the body and promote healthy digestion on a hot summer day, besan adds a good amount of protein and other essential nutrients to the diet.

As the weather is undergoing a transition from winter to summer, we bring you a recipe that will add some newness to your regular kadhi recipe. This recipe adds some soft and juicy chunks of paneer to make regular kadhi to make it yet more palatable.

Let’s admit, paneer is the go-to food for every vegetarian in the country. It is soft, succulent and can be used to whip up a wide gamut of traditional dishes. From the crunchy paneer pakoda to spicy and creamy paneer makhani, you can use paneer to prepare any dish of your choice. Besides its culinary versatility, paneer is also known to be a storehouse of protein, calcium, vitamin A and more. These essential nutrients aid weight loss, ensure healthy digestion, strengthen bones and teeth etc.

Having said that, adding paneer to the regular kadhi recipe may help you make the dish protein- and fibre-rich.

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Paneer is a good source of plant-based protein.

High-Protein Diet: How To Make Paneer Kadhi | Paneer Kadhi Recipe

For this particular recipe, we need yogurt, besan, turmeric, green chillies, onion, garlic, salt, lime juice, curry leaves, mustard seed, whole red chilli and paneer cubes. You can either fry the paneer cubes or make paneer kofta by mashing and mixing boiled aloo, paneer, some basic spices and besan together. You can also make paneer pakoda by dipping paneer cubes in a simple besan batter.

All you need to do is, prepare the paneer and dunk it in kadhi. And to make the kadhi, fry onion, garlic and green chillies and pour a runny yogurt-besan batter in it. Then, add paneer, lime juice and temper it with whole red chillies, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Always switch off the flame and close the lid after tempering to let the flavours infuse in the kadhi.

Click here for a detailed paneer kadhi recipe.

Pair kadhi with plain white rice and papad and put together a fulfilling lunch in no time. Enjoy your meal!

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