Travellers from Pakistan and Bangladesh must quarantine in hotel for 10 days from April 9

Travel bans are to be introduced for visitors from the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh, the Department of Transport has said.

The countries have been added to England’s so-called red list amid concerns about new Covid-19 variants, such as those first identified in South Africa and Brazil.

From 4am on Friday April 9, international visitors who have departed from or transited through the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh in the previous 10 days will be refused entry into England.

It means British nationalsbfrom those countries now have a week to return to the UK otherwise face being told they must quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days.

Hotel stays for the period cost £1,750 per person and are paid for by the traveller. Government advice says for those facing significant financial hardship as a result of this charge, there will be an opportunity to apply for a deferred repayment plan when booking. 

This is only available if you already receive income-related benefits, and you will be required to pay back your debt to the government in 12 monthly instalments.

There is a zero fee for children aged under under 5 years old because they will not be tested. 
Passengers are reminded they could be fined up to £10,000, imprisoned for up to 10 years, or both, if they do not provide accurate details about the countries they have visited in the 10 days before they arrived in the UK.

If you break the quarantine rules you may also face a penalty of up to £10,000.

If you are required to quarantine in a quarantine hotel you can only arrive in England at certain ports of entry. Currently these are: Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, Birmingham Airport and Farnborough Airport.

You can find out more about the official rules and regulations for travellers here.

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