Top Chinese Dramas on Netflix 2018

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33 thoughts on “Top Chinese Dramas on Netflix 2018

  1. I think maybe these are the dramas from the Chinese Netflix which has/ airs different shows than the other ones depending on where you live. I live in the US and none of these are on there but I can't speak for Chinese people's behalf.

  2. ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE COMPLAINING THAT METEOR GARDEN AND A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL AREN'T ON HERE Guys look at when the video was posted in January of 2018 and Meteor Garden was posted in mid-summer of 2018 but idk where A love so Beautiful is on this list its amazing and was made in 2017 and also for the people talking about accidentally in love that was posted also later in the year, not in January and the person that posted this might not like these kinds of dramas which is perfectly okay but they are really good. Sorry if this was rude or some shit just wanted to say that. k im done bye hoes

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