Toast Recipes: 5 Desi Toast Toppings That Will Leave You Craving For More

Toasted bread is inarguably one of our most favourite breakfast staples.

There’s so much you can do with a humble slice of bread that it is a crime of sorts to be using it only for sloppy sandwiches. A loaf of bread can come in handy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And yet, if you are wondering what all can you do with it, we have some yummy ideas that may help. Toasted bread is inarguably one of our most favourite breakfast staples. While we love our toasted breads with butter or a generous spread of cheese, there are myriad ways you can spruce it up with something desi and delightful too.

Here are 5 desi toppings for your toast that are sure to make for a lip-smacking affair.

1. Masala Chicken Toast

Got leftover masala chicken from last night? Heat it well and spread it nicely on freshly toasted bread. Make every bit of your favourite chicken recipe count; trying new pairings may just help you enjoy it even more. You can even use leftover butter chicken and kadhai chicken for the feat.

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2. Bhaji Toast

Ran out of pavs, but there’s still a good amount of bhaji left? Fret not. Cut some slices of breads diagonally, put some butter on it and toast it on stove-top. Throw some bhaji above the toast and enjoy the eclectic treat.

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3. Paneer Bhurji Toast

Paneer lovers raise your hands! Crumbly paneer bhurji tossed in a rustic mix of masalas makes for an excellent topping for a crunchy toast. You can spread some butter on the bread before toasting it, for some extra greasy goodness.

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4. Keema Toast

Juicy and succulent mutton keema is always a delight to tuck into. You can have it with naan, sheermal or pav. Keema kulchas are also tremendously popular among meat lovers. A chunk of spicy keema spread atop a crispy toasted bread is quite a scrumptious combination. Try and tell us how you liked it!

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5. Mushroom Masala Toast

This mushroom masala toast packs the goodness of delicious masala mushrooms and grated cheese. Since it is baked, it may help you save many calories too.

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mushroom masala toast

Intrigued? Never thought a slice of toasted bread could result in something so wholesome and yummy. Try these toppings at home and let us know how you liked each of them in the comment section below. If you have more delicious ideas to share, don’t forget to write in to us.

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