Tinsel on Christmas tree: Expert’s comments spark debate


British etiquette expert William Hanson has divided families after claiming tinsel does not belong in our homes around Christmas time. He even weighed in on the real versus fake Christmas tree debate. Where do you stand?

As families enjoy decorating their homes with all the Christmas cheer they can get their hands on this year, one expert has made a rather bold claim when it comes to using tinsel around your home.

If you use it… well, you’re just tacky!

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The British expert said using tinsel is just ‘common’. Image: iStock 

Expert says tinsel and a fake tree make you ‘common’

While a fake tree and anything sparkly is usually the go-to for families during the festive season, expert etiquette William Hanson has told The Sun there is a very fine line between being festive and being tacky.

According to William, when it comes to decorating, less is definitely more.

“Resist going overboard, opt for a few tasty places or adorned zones rather than drowning your house in fairy lights, tinsel and festive tat,” he told the UK publication.

“It doesn’t liven up a room and it is very dated, not to mention not being eco-friendly. You can still have a good Christmas without it,” he added.

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What’s the fun in having no tinsel?

The expert’s comments have left many people divided, with plenty claiming tinsel is absolutely needed to decorate the home around Christmas time.

“Tinsel on the tree and everywhere. Shiny. Sparkly. I call for tinsel year-round. Make all holidays shiny,” Nina told Kidspot.

“What even is the point of Christmas without tinsel?” Leesa questioned.

Jo also added: “We opted for it this year and I LOVE it!”

Meanwhile, others were all for William’s claims, saying anything that resembles tinsel is just cheap.

“Tinsel everywhere but the tree… otherwise it takes too much focus from the ornaments,” Dani insists.

“My daughter saw the tinsel in our garage when we were decorating our tree the other day and I gave her a firm NO WAY and we packed it back away,” Claire added. “It just reminds me of those cheap Easter Show wigs from the 80s and that’s not an era I wish to revisit in my lounge room every day of December.”

Expert claims you’re tacky if you put tinsel on your Christmas tree

The comment has angered some people. Image: iStock 

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How to keep Christmas classy according to the etiquette expert

But it wasn’t just tinsel William was dead against. He also made some controversial comments about using anything other than a star to place on top of the tree, referring to Father Christmas as ‘Santa’ (he’s British after all), and weighed in on the real tree versus fake tree debate.

“Have a real tree! Real is beautiful – authentic, even. It’s so much more elegant to have the real thing rather than a plastic creation,” he insisted.

“If you must have a fake one – perhaps someone in your house is allergic to fir trees – then make sure it’s a green one. Trees are not blue.”

Here are his rules for keeping Christmas classy at home:

  • Less is more when it comes to ornaments
  • Buy a real tree each year
  • Only top your tree with a simple star
  • Scrap the tinsel
  • Don’t put the tree up too early
  • Take the tree down on the twelfth night after Christmas

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