This Yummy Chicken Hakka Noodle Recipe Is Perfect For Mid-Week Indulgence

Think of Indo-Chinese, and your mind will instantly think of all those lip-smacking chilli garlic flavours. As much as we love having those flavours, we definitely cannot miss out on the more subtle taste of Hakka noodles! The light flavours of soy sauce, vinegar and spices tossed with some noodles and veggies are always comforting to have. However, just plain noodles with veggies can get boring for the palatte for some of us. So, how to amp up the taste of the regular Hakka noodles? Well, there are many ways. You can either spice it up a little bit or even add more ingredients to it. For instance, take chicken! The addition of chicken in noodles instantly makes it more interesting. And it is bound to satisfy that sudden urge of hunger! So, if just reading about it makes you hungry for some, here we bring you a recipe for chicken Hakka noodles that you must make a part of your Indo-Chinese menu!

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With the addition of chicken in noodles, you easily make the dish high in proteins. All you need to do is first cook the chicken with some veggies in this recipe. This way, the chicken will also have a slightly yummy crispy texture. Then all you need to do is mix it with spices and noodles to enjoy! Once you make this recipe, pair it with an aerated drink for a punch of freshness! Find the recipe below:

Hakka Noodles Recipe | Here Is The Recipe Of Hakka Noodles

First, boil the chicken till it is tender. Now cook it in a pan to give it a slightly crisp texture. Once that is done, throw in veggies like onion, capsicum, carrots and more. Let it cook for a while. Now add soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, salt and a bit of chilli flakes. Stir it well. Next, throw in the boiled noodles and combine everything well. Check the taste and adjust spices as per your taste. Once cooked, take it out in a bowl and garnish with spring onions before serving!

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For the full recipe of chicken Hakka noodles, click here.

Make this delicious Indo-Chinese dish, and let us know how you liked the taste of it in the comments below!

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