This Viral Hack Is The Easiest Way To Get Perfectly Round Cookies Every Time

Baking is probably one of the simplest methods of cooking, especially for beginners. Put all the ingredients together in the right quantities, prepare a batter, and pop it in the oven to rise and harden. However, there are many issues that we may face along the way. Cookies, for instance, are delicious to taste but a little tricky to make. Many times, we end up with cookies that are weirdly shaped and not like the round ones we buy from bakeries. If you’re wondering how you could make perfectly round cookies just like your local bakery, we have found a clever hack for you.

The hack was shared on Instagram Reels by popular blogger Iryna Naum, who goes by the handle @irynanaumov. Her simple trick has received over 550k views and 8.6k likes as well. In the short clip, Iryna demonstrates how to get perfectly round cookies with a simple trick. Take a look:

The only thing that is required is a coffee mug or glass. One important aspect to note is that this hack is best tried once the cookies are baked and out of the oven and are extremely soft. Simply take the irregularly-shaped cookie and apply slight pressure with the bottom of the mug. Rotate the mug in small, circular motions in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly your cookies look perfectly round and bakery-style!

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Don’t worry about messing up the shape of your cookies while baking.

The incredible and clever hack won immense appreciation from Instagram users. Some also felt that the cookies tasted better when they were not round. “I always pick the least round ones though, they have the best flavour,” said one user. Others suggested their own tips and tricks to make cookies round. “You can also buy something called a cookie scoop, it’s like an ice cream scoop but sized for cookies, saves so much time putting them on the cookie sheet, always round and the same size,” another user suggested.

This is not the only clever cooking hack to have gone viral in the recent past. At the beginning of December, a blogger had demonstrated how different kinds of pasta shapes can be cooked together in the same pan. Click here to read more about it.

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